The Baby Project

The Affordable, Safe & Organic Crib Sheet For Only $12.95

When we started b.bear, we just wanted to bring beautiful designs to nurseries. But something changed when we stumbled upon research that stated crib sheets can leech toxic chemicals into a baby’s skin.

As the owner of a baby company, this hit me hard. But as a parent? This was devastating.

From that point on we vowed to do two things:

1. Never sell regular crib sheets again.

2. Help put affordable organic fabric in the hands of parents all over the world.

That’s why the b.bear team came up with—a place that takes profit off the table.

We initially set out to just educate parents on the benefits of organic fabrics, but we quickly realized that most wouldn't make the change because organic cotton is more expensive.

We 100% Get It!

That why we are also offering one of our most popular crib sheet designs, 'Hive', for the all-in cost of $12.95.

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Why Are We Doing This?

Because we’re parents, too! And we think every child deserves the best, especially when it comes to health and safety.

By offering one of our designs at such a low price, we hope to get organics in the hands of parents that may have never made the switch because of cost.

Want A Stylish, Safe, And Organic Crib Sheet For Only $12.95?

Want A Safe, Stylish, and Organic Crib Sheet for Just $12.95?

"Excellent crib sheet. Fits my mattress very well, snug and without ripples. Adorable design with rich colors. If I need more crib sheets in the future, I know where I'll be buying them!"

Jessica A.


"This was a phenomenal gift idea for a friend's baby shower. The original and unique design caught everyone's attention and was a real crowdpleaser. The quality of the product is unmatched! We have loved everything that we have purchased from b.bear, and I cannot recommend their products enough!"

James F.

"Such a unique and modern pattern! I got it for my son's nursery but really could be for either a boy or girl's nursery. I think it's important to have soothing designs/colors in a baby's room and this fits the bill. Also great quality and very soft."

C. Phillips