2019 Nursery Design Trends

July 03, 2019 4 min read

2019 Nursery Design Trends-b.bear

Decorating a room you will share with your sweet little one can feel both exciting and overwhelming. After all, you want to create a nursery that is safe, healthy and stimulating, but also a space where you and your baby can relax, play, and share timeless moments together.

While anything goes in terms of potential design themes, there are a few baby nursery trends that stood out to us as the most exciting this year; from unexpected color palettes and natural materials to forest-inspired motifs and intriguing statement lighting. 2019's on-trend nurseries truly hold a little something for everyone — just see for yourself!

Minimalistic Decor

The minimalist trend was big in 2018 and has continued to dominate this year. The formula is uncomplicated: a clean and simple aesthetic and less furniture clutter. Embracing the “less is more” trend means keeping only the essentials in order to bring a serene atmosphere to the space.

In your baby’s nursery, the calm and tidiness might just be what you need to make space for more important things. Opt for furniture and accessories with clean lines and basic shapes, a monochromatic or neutral color palette, and two or three decorative accents.

Rich Jewel Tones

The 70's are back and in color! 2019 is filled with glam nurseries in rich jewel tones, such as sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green, ruby red, and citrine yellow.

These shades don’t necessarily need to be the focal of the space, but they should play off the anchor pieces you already have. Introduce pops of vibrant colors with a patterned area rug, throw cushions in sumptuous fabric, or playful wall prints.

What makes jewel-toned colors especially gorgeous is the depth and visual interest they lend; making your baby’s nursery anything but ordinary.

Down-to-Earth Naturals

Nursery design trends often mimic what’s popular in home decor — and 2019 is no different. Natural elements are certainly in vogue throughout the home and have staged a comeback into the hearts of mums and dads around the world.

Sustainable material, particularly wood, organic cotton, wicker, leather, jute, and hemp fibers are the perfect canvas for any nursery design theme that’s grounded in nature. Try bringing in greenery, showcasing a collection of finely crafted wooden pieces, or incorporating earthy textured fabrics to embrace this trend and its cozy and calming aesthetic.

Fresh Florals

Florals are in full bloom everywhere and this year they are bolder and bigger than ever! It's not hard to see why — when applied to everything from wallpaper to decals and murals, florals can transform a nursery space into an enchanting ode.

Giant peonies and lilacs in refreshing palettes of coral, mustard, sage, and blush pink are both sophisticated and whimsical. Alternatively, if you prefer something more subtle, go traditional with small floral patterns that still lend a delicate pop of color.

Scandinavian Inspiration

When it comes to nursery design, it’s hard to beat the elegant simplicity of Nordic aesthetic. Creating a cozy interior that values both form and function is the hallmark of Scandinavian style.

A combination of muted neutrals and soft pastels, chunky fabrics, warm lighting, and natural material such as oak, birch, and leather will give an inviting Nordic vibe to your little one’s room. The idea is to find a perfect balance between serenity and style and create a finish that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Enchanted Forests

Tranquil, fresh, and all things idyllic — we are totally digging the enchanted forest nursery trend in 2019. Think fairies, squirrels, wildflower fields, mushrooms, and garland-twined trees for a charming retreat. Earthy shades of white, brown, grey and green, rustic wood tones, raffia fabric, and art prints of adorable woodland creatures are just the few details that will delight the eye.

Our absolute favorite to bring this theme to life? Wallpaper! It’s a fun and easy way to add character and make your nursery a whole lot more magical. Plus, wallpaper is available in a range of whimsical and charming prints that will suit a variety of decor tastes.

Statement Lighting

Increasingly this year, baby spaces are given a greater deal of attention as any other room in the house. And rightly so. We are loving beautiful light fixtures that lend a sophisticated, modern, and sometimes whimsical touch to a space.

Opt for lighting that’s both functional and quirky enough to set the tone for the style of the nursery. Bright task lighting works perfectly for playtime and nappy changing, and soft evening lighting is a must so baby doesn’t think it’s party time!

Chunky Rugs

If ever there was a time to decorate and anchor your baby’s nursery with a stylish area rug, the time is now. Praised for their plushness, area rugs come in charming colors, patterns, and a range sizes and shapes — not to mention they are a stunning way to provide a soft spot for you and baby.

Chunky knitted rugs in geometric patterns are a big hit, and can easily add a striking yet modern touch even to the most basic room decor. Aim for a rug that feels like an extension of the existing space or one that accentuates the look and feel of the room — either way, you can't go wrong!

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