What to Expect the Third Trimester—The No B.S. Guide!

August 03, 2019 4 min read

What to Expect the Third Trimester—The No B.S. Guide!-b.bear

Want to know what to expect the third trimester of your pregnancy?

It’s nice to read books and browse websites, but it’s also great to talk to moms who’ve been in the trenches and through it all before. Chatting up family members or hearing from other mommas can be a great way to gain some insight—which might help put your mind at ease the last few months.

While everyone has a different experience, here are a few things you can expect from the third trimester of your pregnancy.

You're Scared

Take a few deep breaths and try to calm your monkey mind.

Now, more than ever, your body is getting ready for delivery. Even the bravest of women fear the birth to some degree. It’s normal. You could be fine one minute, cooking dinner or enjoying a great book; and the next minute, your mind wanders to imagining the delivery and ruins your bliss.

It’s easier said than done but try to relax!

You're Nesting

You might find yourself cleaning illogical places that your baby could care less about... like the inside of your mashing machine cover.

Because your body senses that your baby is coming soon, it puts your mind into overdrive and turns you into a total nesting psycho. You’ll be scrubbing drawers, crevices, and areas you never thought you’d clean before.

You will become an organizing, list making, honey-do machine.

You’re Spotting

Spotting is a real possibility, so don't be alarmed.

Try to stay calm when you start spotting. This can happen toward the very end of your pregnancy. As long as it’s not bright red blood, it’s a pretty good sign that your baby is on its way soon.

That being said, never hesitate to contact a doctor if you feel something is wrong or abnormal.

You’re Tired

Oh, second trimester energy, how we long for you.

Because you’re toting around a belly the size of a basketball, it can be pretty darn tough to sleep!

Invest in some new, ultra-comfortable bedding, adopt reading before bed to tire your eyes out, and snuggle up with a body pillow to try to get comfy.

You’re Sweaty

Round and sweaty, this apple might be your doppelganger!

You will start to sweat in places you didn’t know you could sweat. Your hormones are on fire, as are your glands, so expect to sweat and constantly feel hot. This happens even if it’s isn’t summertime or very hot in your environment.

You're Still Starving

Round and eating... or maybe this is your doppelganger.

Oh, the hunger! Much like the second trimester, you’ll be starving. All. The. Time. Remember, you only need to consume an extra 400 calories a day once you hit your last trimester.

You can achieve this with an apple with peanut butter, and a healthy salad for a snack, rather than a huge helping of French fries... but if you opt for the fries, no judgement here.

Your Clothes Are A Thing of the Past

Hairy legs and flip flops might be your new reality.

Forget belly bands, your shoes, and even your wedding ring! Your body is going to blow up into a big, bloated mess. Keep in mind this water weight is temporary and you will be back in your ring again. And shoes.

Many moms-to-be turn to flip flops the last few weeks, or they even buy a few cheap pairs of shoes that they can size up into for the time being.

Your Headaches Are Back

Stay hydrated to try to stave off those pesky headaches.

You’re going to lose some of that pep that you had in your step during your second trimester. This is primarily because you’re carrying around all that extra weight. Sleep and rest when you need to!

Be sure to drink an obscene amount of water as well. This will help you stay hydrated and combat headaches you’ll experience toward the end.

You're on Lookout

What you're looking for isn't a frog... but the toilet is the place to check.

A less than desirable thing to keep an eye out for; your mucus plug signals the start of labor. If you aren’t already, start peeking into your toilet bowel after you use it to see any signs of this bad boy—look for a jelly-like streak that can be tinged with brown or pink blood. It shows up around 37 weeks and if you notice it at any point in your third trimester, call your doctor pronto!


Once you hit the third trimester, the end is near and the reality that your baby will be in your arms soon will never feel so real!

Stay in the know with these signs and symptoms so you can mentally start preparing for the big day.


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