What to Expect the Second Trimester—The No B.S. Guide!

August 01, 2019 3 min read

What to Expect the Second Trimester—The No B.S. Guide!-b.bear

Want to know what to expect the second trimester of your pregnancy?

It’s nice to read books and browse websites, but it’s also great to talk to moms who’ve been in the trenches and through it all before. Chatting up family members or hearing from other mommas can be a great way to gain some insight—which by the way, is much easier now since you’ve probably stopped puking your brains out!

While everyone has a different experience, here are a few things you can expect from the second trimester of your pregnancy.

You’re Full of Energy

It's amazing how much more social you feel when your head isn't in a toilet...

Hooray! All that morning sickness and nausea will most likely have subsided by now, leaving you with more pep in your step. You'll also feel much more inclined to socialize, and possibly even exercise.

You're Gassy

Now is the perfect time to get back at your partner if they've ever made you suffer through a Dutch oven.

There’s no nice or classy way to say it—you’re going to be full of gas and it’s going to be hard for your partner to stand you. Honestly, you might not be able to stand yourself. Be sure to give fair warning and try to limit foods that will add to the gas.

Why are you so gassy? You now have slower moving intestinal muscles, which leads to build up. This will also make you burp more. Unleash the Tums!

You’re Starting to Show

The baby bump might feel cute, but the swollen hands and feet... not so much.

Stop stuffing yourself into your clothing. It’s time to invest in a new pants and tops, or a belly band (so you can wear your pants discreetly unbuttoned or unzipped).

Now is the time when your belly is going to start showing and you may also be carrying around some water weight. This will make your hands and feet puff up, which can leave them looking Shrek-like!

You’re Clumsy

You’re probably going to be that lady at work that wears sensible shoes with arch support with her slacks and skirts.

Your body is going to be a bit off balance and your limbs and ligaments are going to be pretty loose to make room for the baby and to prepare for the birth. Be sure to invest in a great pair of sneakers with plenty of ankle support to keep you balanced—adios heels!

You’re Going to Be Starving

Welcome back your appetite! It might have went on vacation first trimester, but it's back and it's big.

You usually get your appetite back since you’re less sick. Keep in mind, you only need an extra 340 calories a day in the second trimester. This is also the time when moms gain the most weight, so curb your cravings and stop telling everyone that you need to eat 3 donuts because the “baby is hungry".

You’re Going to Have a Million Doctor Appointments

If you end up reading all of the waiting room's magazines, you aren't alone.

The doctor’s office will become your new hang out spot. You’ll be there for numerous appointments, specifically to make sure all is well with the development of your fetus. The second trimester is a really crucial time for development and your doctor can see and tell a lot. Keep calm, ask questions, and be prepared to be there often!

You’re Going to Feel the Baby

Everything feels so real from the moment you feel those kicks and hiccups.

The second trimester is action packed with cool stuff! Not only will you be able to feel the baby kick and move, you can also feel them hiccup from inside you!


The second trimester is a joyous, fun, and exciting time for moms.

The pros outweigh the cons, and you feel like you have your life back after the treacherous first trimester. Be sure to take plenty of time to do things for yourself, and really hone in on your nutrition to ensure you give your baby plenty of nourishment!

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