Top 5 Gender Reveal Ideas 2019

August 01, 2019 3 min read

Top 5 Gender Reveal Ideas 2019-b.bear

Boy? Girl? Who knows? Bet you can’t wait to find out!

If you’re up for something fun and memorable that is a bit more outside-of-the-box than slicing into a pink or blue cake, here are some of the top gender reveal ideas that you should consider for your special announcement!

1. Balloon Pop

This fun balloon from hooray days reveals the gender with colored confetti!

Incorporate a fun balloon pop game into your reveal.

1. Have your healthcare provider write the gender of your baby on a thin strip of paper, which they fold up—no peeking!

2. Slide the paper inside a balloon.

3. Fill up additional balloons with blank papers.

4. Give each guest a balloon as they arrive.

5. On the count of three, tell everyone to pop their balloons.

6. Whoever gets the gender inside of their balloon should shout it out!

Why We Love It: This method gets all guests involved.

2. Outfit Exchange

1. Have your doctor phone a friend or family member to tell them the sex of your baby.

2. Leave it up to them to share the good news on your party invites, while still keeping it secret from you.

3. The invites will ask that each guest bring an outfit to complement that gender to your event.

4. Unwrap a gift together with your partner to enjoy the big reveal!

Why We Love It:The low cost and extra-cute baby clothes

3. Fireworks

Firework Reveal Kits can be found online at places like Superior Celebrations

Host an evening event for your gender reveal. When it becomes dark, set off fireworks so that the sex of your baby lights up the sky. You can purchase a firework reveal kit that gets sent to you specially designed in a specific color.

Why We Love It: Not only will this be an exciting event for everyone from the moment you light the fireworks, but it will make for a beautiful photo opportunity and keepsake.

4. Powder and Confetti Cannon

The fabulous and photo worthy confetti & powder cannon pictured is from Poof There It Is Reveals

Picking up steam, this trend is a favorite among expecting moms and dads. At the culmination of your party, set off a cannon that shoots out powder and confetti. You’ll see blue or pink in a quick boom!

Why We Love It: It’s just as exciting as setting off fireworks, but more appropriate to launch during daytime events.

5. Elder Announcement

This idea is simple, meaningful, and can be done on a whim.

1. Line up generations in front of your guests.

2. Pass the gender envelope to your eldest matriarch.

3. Let them do the honor of announcing it to everyone.

It’s a highly emotional event and is ideal to videotape and photograph. Many couples opt to do this if they’re thinking about using a part of their elder’s name for their baby name, which also gets announced at this time; pulling the whole theme of the event together.

Why We Love It: It’s a very sweet and sentimental gesture, that doesn’t take a lot of effort, money, or time to set up. Plus, it embraces the true meaning of family!


When you’re sitting at the 20-week ultrasound, it’s hard to look away at the gender check. However, if you can hold off, there are numerous fun and creative ways that you can share this special news with the ones that you love, making your reveal extra memorable!

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