Hospital Bag Checklist - 7 Essential Items

July 18, 2019 4 min read

Hospital Bag Checklist - 7 Essential Items-b.bear

Are You Ready?

Once you enter your third trimester, it’s important to pack your hospital bag. While some soon-to-be-moms think this is ridiculous, others have had their bags packed from the moment they received a positive pregnancy test.

What’s the urgency? You never know when your baby will be ready to make their debut and believe us, you don't want to be scrambling to pack a bag when it happens!

Read on to learn which 7 essential items should be in your hospital bag.

1. Robe & Slippers

This soft and feminine maternity robe from silkandmore is a functional and stylish addition to any hospital bag.

You’ll want to bring some comforts from home, so a pair of slippers and a robe are a great idea.

Slippers: You’ll be expected to move around the hospital halls and you certainly don’t want to do so wearing nothing but socks! Make sure your slippers are a non-slip style.

Robe: A lightweight, silky robe is also a must. It’s easy to open and close if you’re nursing, and it also provides you with more coverage than a hospital gown.

2. Button Down Pajamas

Moisture wicking, button down pajamas are a Godsend! Your hormones will be all out of whack and you’ll experience a lot of sweating, so something that is able to wick moisture is key.

Friendly Advice: Make sure your bottoms aren’t tight fitting and can easily be pulled up and down—no drawstrings. Also, opt for a top that can be unbuttoned easily to help you with the nursing process.

3. Basic Toiletries

You’ll probably want to bring your own face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner since the hospital usually provides a bar of soap and less-than-desirable hair stuff.

Friendly Advice: Sample sized items don’t take up a lot of space in your bag and can simply make you feel better when freshening up. Don’t forget deodorant!

4. Postpartum Underwear

Underwear like these from Gracefully Birthed can add some comfort to your postpartum recovery.

Can’t get past the clear, mesh panties? Feel free to bring your own. You will be bleeding a lot—and quite heavily—so make sure to bring atleast 8 pairs.

Friendly Advice: Keep the thongs at home, and invest in some granny panties—yes, belly button covering! Make they are a size up from what you’d normally wear to accommodate swelling and the baby bump that will still be there after giving birth.

5. Entertainment

Your newborn will sleep a lot, so take advantage of this time and try to relax.

Friendly Advice: While they’re napping—and you aren't being bombarded by guests—a laptop, tablet, or other device can help keep you occupied. Think of it as a good time to catch up on Netflix!

6. Phone Charger

When you are rushing to the hospital, are you going to remember to grab your charger? Eliminate the worry and risk of forgetting and invest in an extra that you can keep in your bag.

Friendly Advice:If you want to dish out a lot of money for an additional charger, you can usually pick up a cheap one at a dollar store or gas station.

7. Going Home Outfits

How cute is this!? We can't get enough of this newborn outfit from The Young Nest.

Your baby will be swaddled pretty much the entire time in your hospital room, and you’ll be in your pajamas or a robe the duration of your stay. But once it's time to go home, you and baby will want a change of outfit

Choose something loose fitting and easy to slide on for yourself and try to remember, it’s not a fashion show. For your baby, however, now is the time to help them make their debut!

Friendly Advice: Pack a cute outfit that consists of a hat, onesie, footed romper, and mittens. You’ll also want to make sure you have a soft blanket to keep them warm and cozy.

Psst... you may have noticed that an infant car seat carrier is missing from our list. You don’t need this until the day you are leaving the hospital. Why add more stuff to your room if you don’t have to?

What Does The Hospital Provide?

While some moms go crazy with packing postpartum stuff, knowing what the hospital provides you can help eliminate over packing.

Pads & Mesh Underwear: Disposable, stretchy mesh underwear. This can seem gross and weird, but they're very comfortable and easy to use on a postpartum body.

Diapers: You baby's bottom will be well tended to.

Belly Band: If you've had a C-section, this will help hold you in.

When packing, try to keep things light and only bring the necessities with you. As long as you have the basics, you’re good to go. Forget to pack the exact pajamas you wanted or the right pair of slippers? Try to relax. Once your little one enters the world, these little hiccups in your hospital plan will be well forgotten!

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