5 Things You Need to Know the First 24 Hours Home

July 09, 2019 3 min read

5 Things You Need to Know the First 24 Hours Home-b.bear

Hooray, you just had your baby! You made it through all the hard stuff, right?... Well, maybe not quite.

The first 24 hours home with your brand new baby can be anything but blissful—and seasoned moms need to be open and upfront with new mothers so they really know what to expect! A newborn can be incredibly overwhelming. Throw some pets, visitors, housework, cooking, and serious lack of sleep into the mix and you might find yourself the perfect recipe for a burnout.

Just know though, while things may not be perfect, there are 5 simple things you can do to make the transition from hospital to home easier and less stressful!

1. You're Not Going To Sleep

Postpartum symptoms will kick your butt! You will not only be ultra-uncomfortable (especially if you’ve had a C-section), but you will be scared each and every time you place your little one in their bassinet. SIDs is a real phenomenon, and no matter how hard you try to catch some shut eye, you never really sleep soundly with a newborn in your home. With your little one adjusting to their new environment, the numerous feedings, and a constant stream of visitors, it can feel like quite the juggling act

Solution: While there really isn’t a great solution to this problem, being aware of the situation and having a realistic expectation is the first step. After a few days, your baby will start to get into a routine and sleep will become your best friend.

If you can, designate baby shifts for your partner and family members so you can get in some cat naps in between feedings!

2. You Won’t Be Whipping Up Gourmet Meals

Pizza, fast food, Chinese-you name it! Eating fast and satisfying foods might be your reality when you first get home from the hospital. Wipe out any visions of you slaving away over a stove in a perfectly pressed apron.

Solution: A great way to avoid the fat and excess salt would be to meal prep prior to coming home. You can make overnight oats before you leave for the hospital, freeze casseroles, and even ask your parents or in-laws to take over cooking for a bit.

3. Your Laundry Will Pile Up

Between unpacking your hospital bag and changing your baby because they’ve spit up or pooped on you or their own clothes; your laundry will pile up.

Solution: Let it pile up! If you have extra hands on deck that can help you out, great. However, if you’ve had a C-section and are pretty immobile, your laundry isn’t going anywhere, so don’t sweat it.

4. Your Pets Might Be Unhappy

You probably knew this prior to stepping in the door with your baby, but you won’t know just how displeased they’ll be until you see them with the newborn for the first time. Both dogs and cats might soil and mark in places they never have before. They’ll seem stressed and even spiteful at times until they get used to your little one.

Solution: Consider hiring a dog walker to help you out with Fido and to make your day less stressful and their day happier because they’ll be getting lots of attention.

5. You May Not Be Up For Company

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You may not want to see anyone when you first come home from the hospital—and that’s okay. Your hormones are on full blast, you’re feeling overwhelmed, and emotions are running high. You might be flooded with lots of phone calls and requests to come see your little one, but you don't have to accept.

Solution: If you’re totally exhausted and your mood is fluctuating, pass on the company and provide them with a later visiting date.


Remember, you have to look out for yourself, specifically your health and happiness when you bring a baby home. While it is also going to be one of the happiest days of your life, the first 24 hours can be very tiring and difficult. So be kind to yourself and try not to stress too much. After all, they're only little for so long!

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