July Featured Mom - Jenna Cole

July 03, 2019 4 min read

July Featured Mom - Jenna Cole-b.bear

Pop open the bubbly, the box of wine, the Cheetos, or whatever you need to celebrate because the first post of our Featured Mom series is here!

This series is dedicated to celebrating extraordinary moms and their journeys and we can't think of a better woman to kick it off than Jenna Cole. She is an all around rockstar that handles quite the juggling act on the daily, so we aren't sure where she found the time to answer some questions for us, but we sure are glad she did!

You’re a Mom, a wife, a Breast Cancer fighter, and an amazing DIYer. To say you have a lot on your plate is a total understatement! Tell us a bit about you and your life.

I also work full-time in the yachting/boat business. I’m a Regional Sales Consultant for Yacht World and Boat Trader. Then my husband and I also just opened a restaurant in Wrightsville Beach. If and when I’m not working, I am spending my time with my kiddos!

Wow, you are one busy Momma! On top of all that, we know that you have been battling Breast Cancer. Can we talk a bit about that? With your boys being so young, do they understand what is going on?

I talked to my 6-year-old about it. I never wanted him to hear the word Cancer and be scared of it, so I was as open as I could be. My youngest had no idea since he had just turned 1 when I found out.

What advice would you give to other parents going through similar situations when it comes to talking to their kids?

I think kids feed off our energy, so staying positive and talking about Cancer in a positive light really helps. He knows I go and get shots and had surgeries, but I also never wanted him to fear what was going on. I just want him to be a kid and not hold any weight.

Shifting gears slightly, you had mentioned something about a restaurant. That sounds super exciting! Is that info top secret or can we have a few details?

This is exciting! We opened our restaurant doors the same month I found out I had Breast Cancer, which made the whole process even more of a whirlwind BUT I am so thankful for it. It kept our minds busy and in the right place. Best part, we opened a very healthy restaurant (I have changed my diet 100%, so this was even more perfect) We serve acai bowls, poke bowls, smoothies, pitas and coffee/tea!

* For anyone curious, the restaurant is Zeke's Beans & Bowls in Virginia Beach, Virginia*

That sounds (and looks) insanely yummy! So, you can deny this all you want, but you are a definite DIY queen when it comes to home design. Your faux shiplap wall looks like it belongs on HGTV—it turned out beyond amazing! Do you have a personal favorite DIY project you’ve done?

Oh gosh! I just love home projects! Our last house before this one was built in the 80's and frozen in time, so I really had some fun DIYing in there. But this one being new had me really wanting to add some character. I think my shiplap wall has to be my favorite though. That or the benches!

We actually saw your benches on Instagram and they turned out beautiful! Any future DIY projects in the works that you can give us the scoop on?

My next project is our backyard. I want a magical place to hang out with lots of lights. We always do all the work ourselves, so this one may take a while!

Your home in general has such a fresh vibe. How would you describe your decor style, and do you have any go-to colors or products?

I love color. I go towards black, blues, and neutrals but will also throw hot pink in there or neon yellow. Maybe a modern boho? I’ve always wondered my style, I’m all over the place!

My favorite thing is moving decor and furniture. Anyone that comes to my house and hasn’t seen it in a month will find my couch in a different room, a painting hung in a new place, my kids’ rooms rearranged into entirely new rooms. I love change and it’s an easy cheap way to keep things fresh. I love TJs, HomeGoods and Target, plus thrift stores!

Speaking of your kids' rooms, we were super stoked to see b.bear products in your nursery! What do you use?

Yes! I have the crib sheets, changing table pad cover, and swaddle blankets. I absolutely love the prints, they have been my favorite and go exactly with my style, plus the quality after a million washes have held up like new!

That’s so great to hear. If you had to pick a favorite b.bear product, what would it be and why is it your favorite?

Mine is the rope print crib sheet! I just love the print, plus the colors and design are so fun.

And finally, if you had to give one tip for designing a nursery, what would it be?

Think outside the box, you don’t have to stick to a theme. If you like something buy it and make it work! My kids’ rooms are my favorite.

We want to extend a big thank you to Jenna Cole for being our first Featured Mom!

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